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Become a Certified MAPS Practitioner

In order to use MAPS System, individuals must first attend a training program to become a Certified MAPS Practitioner. The Certified MAPS Practitioner Qualifying Program is an opportunity for trainers and consultants to add a new dimension to their training toolkit. Each MAPS certification programme has been designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in training and consulting.

MAPS Training Courses

In these certification courses you will experience and learn how to deliver MAPS workshops for diverse groups and topics. You will learn about the theory and practice, as well as the benefits, applications and features of each model and the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately.

Experiencing both classroom and hands-on, interactive learning you will learn practical skills and knowledge of MAPS system, and learn about the various MAPS products available, and their appropriate uses.

Qualified Practitioner will be provided with training and related materials, promote themselves as Qualified MAPS Practitioner both inside and outside their organisation, organise and conduct Introductory and Applications training and charge for their services.

For fee and schedule please contact MAPS