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Multiple Assessment Profile System (MAPS)

MAPS is a comprehensive multi purpose assessment system. It is designed and developed with the input of extensive research over many years. It's easy to use, powerful and can help you understand yourself and others.

MAPS integrates four of the best assessment instruments and tools, to help individuals, educators, consultants, and managers improve their performance. It provides a multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis in one single assessment, reducing the need for multiple assessments

The core principle of MAPS is that individuals are a complex combination of personality, thinking styles, attitude and emotion. In order to improve self and other's performance, people need to be able to understand themselves and see guidelines and indicators of their baseline abilities and any improvement from it. And to help provide them with insight into their strengths and areas for development.

MAPS is not a personality or psychometric test. It is an instrument designed to explore aspects of behaviour, thinking style, learning preference, academic & career direction and motivation

Discover Your Personality Fingerprint

Human beings are diverse and individual. Our personalities are very much like our fingerprints or our DNA, no two are alike. Every personality is unique and has varied characteristics.

Our personalities control various aspects of human beings such as behaviour, thinking, learning, emotions and feelings. It makes it possible to predict how a person will act or react under different situations

The more that we know about ourselves, the more proficient we will become in understanding and reading people accurately. When we understand what is driving the behaviour, we will be able to predict the outcome much more successfully.

About Personality Tests and Preferences

A test is a means to elicit and gather responses which would provide evidence about the extent of acquisition of a particular attribute such as knowledge, skill, intelligence, aptitude or the like. by an individual or a group. There are currently well over 3000 personality and behaviour questionnaires on the market. Almost all of these questionnaires assess one aspect or dimension of human beings diverse aspects. Furthermore, the majority of these questionnaires are long and take long time to complete. Some Questionnaires take 3 to 4 hours, or more, to complete.

MAPS is a tool for developing a clear understanding about the ways our minds work, and how we may be using them inefficiently. MAPS helps you better understand yourself and how you relate to people, process information, make decisions, and function. It uses a multidimensional approach for conducting a comprehensive assessment resulting in a set of indicators for personality, thinking and styles, multiple and emotional intelligence and academic and occupational direction

Features of MAPS

  • MAPS is not a test : there are no right or wrong answers. It is an assessment tool that enable you to have a set of "Indicators" of four attributes.
  • MAPS take about 15 minutes.
  • Integrated Assessment solutions
  • Based on most prominent theories and research to give you a thorough set of highly valuable tools in one instrument.
  • Easy-to-use and engaging formats
  • Minimise administration cost and time-to-complete
  • Computer scoring and interpretation provide efficient and extensive reports

Taking the test

The test takes about 15 minutes to complete. Don't spend too much time considering your answers, your first impressions are all that's necessary. Please be completely honest in your responses. This will help you get the most accurate personality assessment. You must answer all questions to receive feedback.